every dollar you spend in broken arrow sends money BACK To BA


of every purchase made in Broken Arrow city limits goes to municipal services like roads, police and firefighters. Whether you’re shopping at a local merchant or a big-box store, doing it in Broken Arrow makes a difference.

Shop Local

Broken Arrow is a special place because of what we’ve been through together. It’s home to a strong community, safe streets, successful schools, innovative and diverse retailers, and dedicated first responders. We owe it to this place and to each other to re-invest in our community and continue its momentum

By shopping locally in Broken Arrow, you’re helping fund the projects, services, and culture that make us who we are. Whether you live here, work here or are just visiting, we need your support, your patronage, and your interest. And no matter what type of shopping you have to do, we want to make sure you’ll come BACK TO BA.


When you bring your shopping Back to BA, you’re funding:
A SAFER BA: police officers, emergency management employees, firefighters, equipment and training
A STRONGER BA: roads and bridges, pothole and median repairs
A MORE BEAUTIFUL BA: landscaping and groundskeeping
A MORE PROSPEROUS BA: demand for more businesses to open, move or expand to our city
A BA WE CAN BE PROUD OF: support your neighbors and friends who own local businesses, and maintain a healthy and growing city

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