The majority of HomeChurch members and staff live within just a few blocks of their south Broken Arrow location. Mallori Reed, the communications director at Home Church, says when they were ready for a new home they knew this was supposed to be the place. Broken Arrow is a big little city and we value community here, so starting a center for like minded folks to gather was a given. 

HomeChurch has a habit of working with their neighboring businesses. Whether it’s joining in volunteerism and community projects, or gathering for lunch in the locally owned restaurants after service, HomeChurch stands alongside our community’s small businesses. When the members support small businesses, they’re sending a little bit back to BA to strengthen our community even further!

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When you bring your shopping Back to BA, you’re funding:
A SAFER BA: police officers, emergency management employees, firefighters, equipment and training
A STRONGER BA: roads and bridges, pothole and median repairs
A MORE BEAUTIFUL BA: landscaping and groundskeeping
A MORE PROSPEROUS BA: demand for more businesses to open, move or expand to our city
A BA WE CAN BE PROUD OF: support your neighbors and friends who own local businesses, and maintain a healthy and growing city

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