PotBellys Restaurant/Bar

Broken Arrow may be a city of well over 100,000 people but you’ll never get lost in the crowd here. Potbelly owner, Ben Buie, believes that’s what makes this city unique. We know one another by name here, and we show support to our small businesses like Potbellys by shopping and dining locally.

Broken Arrow is there for its entrepreneurs and in turn, those local businesses help us fund our parks, police, and new developments like New Orleans Square. It’s about teamwork here, and that’s something to be proud of. Broken Arrow wouldn’t have it any other way.

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When you bring your shopping Back to BA, you’re funding:
A SAFER BA: police officers, emergency management employees, firefighters, equipment and training
A STRONGER BA: roads and bridges, pothole and median repairs
A MORE BEAUTIFUL BA: landscaping and groundskeeping
A MORE PROSPEROUS BA: demand for more businesses to open, move or expand to our city
A BA WE CAN BE PROUD OF: support your neighbors and friends who own local businesses, and maintain a healthy and growing city

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