Rise, Grind and Ride Espresso Cafe

As a coffee shop full of cycling enthusiasts, Rise, Grind and Ride is thrilled to have a bike lane passing right past their location. And it’s particularly special to them that the sales tax revenue generated in their shop helped to build it! It’s a wonderful example of local shopping making this city better, and we’re proud that our conscientious choices about where we spend our money made it possible. 

The business began as a mobile coffee shop, pushed by bike, of course. But when owner Randall Ryan went looking for a permanent location, downtown Broken Arrow was a given. In this downtown location, just near city hall, this coffee shop knows first hand the value of community support. When the city organizes local festivals and events, Rise, Grind and Ride is in the middle of it all, serving up great drinks to their friends and neighbors, while collecting the sales tax revenue that helps our community thrive.

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When you bring your shopping Back to BA, you’re funding:
A SAFER BA: police officers, emergency management employees, firefighters, equipment and training
A STRONGER BA: roads and bridges, pothole and median repairs
A MORE BEAUTIFUL BA: landscaping and groundskeeping
A MORE PROSPEROUS BA: demand for more businesses to open, move or expand to our city
A BA WE CAN BE PROUD OF: support your neighbors and friends who own local businesses, and maintain a healthy and growing city

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