The Hub Gym

The patrons at The Hub Gym consider it to be the “Cheers” of gyms. Of course, folks in Broken Arrow have a deeply rooted sense of community, which drives everyone at Hub to support each other. They help one another stay motivated toward their fitness and health goals, all while helping the City of Broken Arrow grow stronger, too. Every patron and every purchase at The Hub Gym gives a little bit back to BA by helping fund our vital services like police and fire departments.

This place is much more than a gym. It’s a place for the people of Broken Arrow to find fellowship, improve themselves and their health and be there for one another. And by choosing a gym in Broken Arrow, these patrons are making our community safer and stronger.

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When you bring your shopping Back to BA, you’re funding:
A SAFER BA: police officers, emergency management employees, firefighters, equipment and training
A STRONGER BA: roads and bridges, pothole and median repairs
A MORE BEAUTIFUL BA: landscaping and groundskeeping
A MORE PROSPEROUS BA: demand for more businesses to open, move or expand to our city
A BA WE CAN BE PROUD OF: support your neighbors and friends who own local businesses, and maintain a healthy and growing city

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